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Santa Monica Massage & Reflexology Center
1410 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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$75 Massage special
60 Minutes Chinese Herbal General massage

Signature Service
Bioelectric Massage with
Volcanic Herbal Body Masque

The Art of Massage with Bioelectric Massage Energy Therapy Combined with Therapeutic Massage. Every masseur’s touch is Bio-Energy internal healing. Used for centuries to balance your P.H level by detoxing the acid out from your body and leaving more alkaline. No more medicine, shots, pain, and/ or stiffness. Flushes toxins, stimulates the nervous system, and as your trigger points and joints are stimulated to release and flush away the acid toxins, it leaves you rejuvenated and 10 times more comfortable than regular massage.

Bioelectric massage is based in traditional Chinese medicine, specifically, the practice of stimulating the energy meridians within the body. It is the perfect combination of traditional Chinese medical theory and modern bioelectricity principles.

For people in pain, this is a safe and drug-free option, which prompts the body to produce endorphins to help to relieve pain.

Bioelectric massage incorporates massage therapy rather than acupuncture to enhance your body’s own bioelectricity by generating a bioelectric field to stimulate the meridians. Used with the specially formulated cream, it ultimately aids in regulating your body’s acid-base balance (ph.)

The masque is based on traditional Chinese medicine topical therapy using volcanic rock energy mud. The plaster matrix configuration is applied warm using the radiant heat effect for deep penetration of Chinese herbal medicine via infrared transdermal absorption. The mud remains flexible as it cools and can be applied to most parts of the body. It serves to the warm the meridian to expel toxins and to promote blood circulation and an analgesic effect enabling healing.

Bioelectric Massage
Volcanic Herbal Body Masque

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Relax and recharge with massages as low as $20 for 15 minutes! Luxury massage packages for half the cost of a resort spa!

The Best Massage in Santa Monica

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