Make Your Thanksgiving Gift a Santa Monica Massage


At Santa Monica Massage and Reflexology Center, we strive to improve the lives of every individual who enters through our doors. We are grateful for our customers. The month of November is all about Thanksgiving, a special time of togetherness and gratitude. Are there special people in your life that you would like to show gratitude and appreciation? Perhaps your parents, friends, or significant other? What better way to show that you care than with a relaxing massage session?

The Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude goes beyond material possessions. You can show appreciation for experiences, emotions, and relationships in life. According to Psychology Today, there are many benefits that tie with practicing gratitude, such as decreased pain, stress, and even insomnia. Can you believe that it is possible to build a stronger immune system, better relationships, and perform better at school and work when you practice gratitude?

If you have been feeling disconnected from your surroundings lately, you should know that practicing gratitude also offers social benefits.  No one should suffer from extreme stress, loneliness, or isolation. You can work towards becoming a more helpful, compassionate, forgiving, and outgoing person through expressions of gratitude.  Giving your loved one a chance to try out Santa Monica massage therapy with you is a wonderful way of expressing your gratitude.

The Practice of Gratitude

Gratitude can be a feeling, but you can also look at it as a state of being that is essential to healthy living. Let’s dive into some examples of practicing gratitude on a regular basis:

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Writing in a journal can be a very therapeutic exercise. All you need is a small notebook or a notepad and a pen so you can start listing the things that you are grateful for in life. It is helpful to have a physical record that you can reflect on from time to time. 

Not sure what you are grateful for? There are many reasons to express gratitude. Maybe one of the things you are grateful for is the time that your significant other noticed that work was stressing you out, and they surprised you with a massage in Santa Monica. After your massage, you felt much more relaxed and grounded. We may be biased, but that would certainly make an excellent gratitude journal entry.  

Surround Yourself with Visual Reminders of Gratitude

For individuals who are visual thinkers, you may find it helpful to use visual cues as indicators of gratitude. These visual cues could be anything from symbols to pictures or small tokers that remind you of special people or events in your life. Memories can give you a sense of gratitude in a different way than lists. 

Consider framing pictures of your loved ones around your house and/or putting special tokens on your bookshelf that you can look at when you need clarity from time to time. 

Reflect on The More Difficult Times

 In the season of Thanksgiving, try not to completely wipe out the bad memories in your life. Instead, use them as fuel to deepen your gratitude. Remind yourself that it is possible to be grateful for the hardships you have endured.

Say Thank You

Writing Thank-You notes is an effective way to boost your mood as well as your relationship with others. You can write these notes in the form of an email, social media post, text, or a good old-fashioned handwritten letter.

If you are writing a thank you letter to your sibling for being supportive during a certain time in your life; you could even offer a gift. What better way of saying thank you than inviting your sibling to get an Asian massage in Santa Monica?

Show Your Body Gratitude 

There is no better way to do self-care than receiving routine massages in Santa Monica. At Massage Capital, you can get 33% off your massage session using promo code “BlackFriday33” from now until November 26, 2022. Give your body the physical and emotional benefits that it deserves, and you will start to feel more gratitude.