How Seniors Can Benefit from Massage Therapy


If you are 65 and older and have not yet experienced the wonderful world of massage therapy, you may have been hesitant about starting. Perhaps you have some health conditions that you feel would hinder your overall experience. If you find yourself fitting into that category, this blog post is for you. Studies have proven that seniors can enjoy a wide variety of health benefits from a Santa Monica massage session.

Learn about some of the positive outcomes you can experience starting from your very first session with us below:

Help you sleep better

Who doesn’t love a great night’s rest? The more relaxed you feel, the better you’ll sleep. You may find yourself forgetting about the melatonin and being able to fall asleep quicker and more naturally. Our massages will help you feel at ease once again so that you can catch more zzzz’s. 

Alleviate symptoms of certain health conditions

Getting massages can help relieve some of the symptoms of certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. It’s important to keep in mind that getting a massage cannot serve as a cure to some of these conditions but rather make them a little easier to manage. A quality massage can also help heal physical injuries quicker.

Improve lymph flow

Your lymphatic system is instrumental to your immune system. By stimulating your lymph flow through a massage, lymph fluid will be drained from your body. That way, your body will be able to better protect itself from disease and filter unnecessary waste. This will help you feel much more energetic and lively in your daily life.

Better your heart rate

With February being American Heart Month, this is an excellent point to touch base on. Having a good heart rate is important at every stage of your life, but it is especially crucial during your golden years. A decade-long study found that “consistently that regular massage therapy lowers both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure and the heart rate.”

Lift your spirits

The more relaxed you feel, then the happier you’ll feel, of course! Over time, your stress builds up in the form of cortisol. Getting a massage is one of the ways to reduce this build-up. A good massage has also been shown to help with symptoms of depressive disorder. Even if you’re not suffering from it, you will still walk out of our practice feeling rejuvenated like never before!

Experience the Difference at Santa Monica Massage & Reflexology Center

Your well-being is important to us. If you have any questions regarding your Santa Monica massage therapy session, please contact our office, and our professionals can put any of your concerns at ease. Be sure to address any physical conditions you have so that we can provide you with a safe experience. It may also be beneficial to talk to your general practitioner about your health before scheduling an appointment with us. We want to make sure that your visit is the most pleasurable and enjoyable experience you can get anywhere around. Give us a call at (310) 928-9851 and book an appointment with one of our state-of-the-art Santa Monica massage therapists today!