Why You Should Start Massage Therapy in 2022


If you have been feeling especially stressed or tense lately, then you may have considered getting a Santa Monica massage – but you may have also found yourself wondering if it is worth the time and the money. Who wants to spend a lot of money on a massage only to not feel completely relaxed afterward? The truth is there hasn’t been a better time than now to try it out if you haven’t already, and we offer very affordable services and value packs that you will fall in love with and start benefiting your life starting today. Here are the best reasons why you should come on and see us today: 

We are experts in various forms of massages

Our massage therapists offer a wide variety of massage methods from all over the world. We offer both specialty services and relief therapies to suit your personal preferences and autonomic needs. We offer:

  • Deep tissue
  • Foot
  • Hot stone
  • Reflexology (Foot/Hands/Head)
  • Shiatsu (Japanese)
  • Swedish
  • Thai

If this is your very first time getting a massage, we will surely answer any questions you have to ensure you have a comfortable experience that will have you coming back soon!

It will relieve your stress

Some jobs are physically demanding and leave a lasting impact on your body. Blue-collar workers are often tired from all the hard labor, leaving them crashing by the end of the day. Meanwhile, white-collar workers may find themselves having poorer posture from sitting in front of a computer all day long and begin to experience back and shoulder pain. Sometimes you may get muscle pain just from tensions from life events in general. Just simply being alive is a very tough thing! Therefore, it is important to be able to effectively relieve these feelings for both your physical and psychological well-being. The stress and physical pain build up over time, so it is a good idea to stop by for a professional Santa Monica massage therapy session to alleviate the tension. 

Physical health benefits

The physical benefits of getting a regular massage are enormous! Not only will you be able to relieve your muscles of any aches or soreness, but it helps alleviate headaches and even improve your mood. A case study found that participants who got a 30-minute massage twice a week were less likely to suffer from chronic tension headaches. It can also improve your circulation and make sleeping easier. If that doesn’t all convince you, we don’t know what will!

For our gym rats

If you love to work out, then getting a massage every few weeks after you hit the gum is a great idea. You will be able to recuperate better after your workout sessions, refresh your skin, and overall put in a better mood after your physical training session. You will be able to release toxins from your body and trigger your body’s healing process.

Are you ready?

What are you waiting for? We want you to be able to live your life the way it was meant to be lived – happily and freely. Come on in and enjoy a high-quality Santa Monica massage today! Go ahead and give us a call at (310) 260-7770 or book online now!