Why is Couples Massage in Santa Monica a Good Idea?


Each couple has its own goal and checklist for the things that they want to do together. This list may include activities such as watching movies, going to concerts, traveling, or anything where they could spend time together. Thus, booking a couples massage in Santa Monica is something you should consider. Knowing what you can experience from a couples massage might help you in planning out your activity with your significant other.

What are the Benefits of a Couples Massage in Santa Monica

Just like other massages, this activity can bring lots of benefits to you and your partner’s body. A massage can help release the body’s endorphins, loosen tight muscles, and increase the body’s flexibility. Aside from the mentioned advantages, a couple’s massage allows two people to spend quality time and be more intimate with each other. Doing a massage together can be beneficial for couples and any two people who want to have intimate time to catch up with each other. You may opt to have a quiet session that is no less quality since our bodies can release chemicals while having the massage. These chemicals can increase the feeling of happiness, affection, and intimacy. In addition, having a companion during a massage session can make you feel more secure and comfortable. Lastly, a couples massage in Santa Monica is not a common bonding activity, so this is surely a unique way to spend time together.

How Do You Prepare

Before your intended couple massage session, clear your calendar that way, you’re stress-free. This practice can make you enjoy your massage more since you can enjoy every soothing reflex without having any bothersome or frustrating thoughts. Do not take heavy meals before your appointment to prevent upset stomachs since you will need to lie down most of the time. Having a soothing shower is also a good idea prior to the massage session to open up your pores for the essential oils used for massage. The shower can also help soothe your tiredness away. Turning off your devices is also a great way to enjoy yourself and your partner so you can avoid unnecessary disturbance while the session is ongoing. It would also be better to book an appointment ahead of time to secure a slot for you and your partner.

What to Expect

The massage will be done to you and your partner at the same time in the same room by two massage therapists. Couples massage is usually offered in a private room with a side-by-side massage bed. You can choose what type of massage you want to avail yourself, such as Swedish or Thai massage in Santa Monica. The service can range from selected to full range, including having showers, scrubs, and special types of oils or aromas for your session. An initial consultation is done to ensure that the client gets the right amount of pressure that they can tolerate. You and your partner will be asked to disrobe and lie down while the sheets cover you. Both massages will end simultaneously, and the therapists will let you know once they are done. They will leave the room to let you get dressed and meet you and your partner at the door to greet you.


Couples massage in Santa Monica is a great way to bond with someone you wish to be with. This type of massage can bring your body a lot of benefits. Aside from the health benefits, it can also give you the chance to have an intimate time with your partner. 

If you want it included in your couple’s bucket list, schedule your couples massage in Santa Monica to be able to experience its benefits personally.

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